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Water Glass
PFAS is in our water

In my quest to provide means to safe drinking water to many individuals I have immersed myself in a world that, just one year ago, I had no idea how complicated, dynamic and ever changing it would be.  PFAS was not even on my radar one year ago.  Clean water was on my mind though, just not PFAS, in fact, clean water had been on my radar since 2013.  In my first iteration of Ion Home Wellness, I created a company and I called it ‘Trusted Home Maintenance’ it was a version of Ion Home Wellness.  This was before the market was ready for home wellness, I was also too scared to take a leap at that time, so I shelved the project.  However, at that time I came up with the tag, ‘Clean Air. Clean Water. Safe Environment.’  I’ve continued a variation of that tag today.  When I started Ion Home Wellness I provided internal refrigerator filters.  I saw it as a great business model and people really needed to change those filters, and so often just simply forgot.  After all, the little light on the refrigerator door was a constant reminder.  I would be the guy who sent your specific filter to you at the exact right time.  I thought it was a great idea, and I saw many companies very successfully using this model. 

I soon learned about PFAS.  I learned it was in the drinking water of the community I live in.  I learned it was actually everywhere, or a LOT of places in the Northeast, out west, pretty much in areas all throughout the US.  I also learned that the testing for PFAS in communities in Massachusetts was not mandatory.  This was a hard one for me to wrap my brain around.  We know it exists in many communities, we know it is bad, like very bad, like seriously very bad and we aren’t mandating testing immediately?  In fact I learned that many communities were not testing not because they thought their drinking supply is safe, but because they were concerned that the limits at which they would test at would force them to create a solution to fix it.  Now we move into multiple levels of concern.  On one hand, we have the problem of toxic forever chemicals in our drinking supply and on the other hand, the solution is multi million dollar treatment facilities to treat the water.  Its obvious that toxic forever chemicals in way more drinking water supplies than we actually know is a problem, but lets look at these treatment facilities, another massive problem.  I am not a fan of treated water (a blog for another day), however, to fix the PFAS in our water supply we would need treat it, at an extremely high volume, before it is sent off through the varying network of pipes as it comes into your home.  The problem is PFAS treatment facilities can cost communities millions of dollars and some communities will need multiple treatment facilities as wells or aquifers are not always clustered.  So communities will be put in a position to pay millions of dollars they, or most, don’t have to treat the water.  Further, the approvals, engineering, funding, construction of these facilities, depending on your community, can be years and years away.  And even at that, there will still be a lot of chemicals in your water.  Remember the water is treated, not filtered, there is a very big difference.

So, a few questions I had:

Is that a solution? Treating versus filtering?

How affordable is it?

How immediate is it?

Is this the best option?

I weighed it all out and just can’t figure out how this is a reasonable solution. 

Down the path to realize all of this, I thought about those internal refrigerator filters.  After speaking to a number of companies that have dedicated themselves to removing chemicals, especially dangerous chemicals, such as PFAS or Lead or Chromium 6, I learned that those internal refrigerator filters don’t remove these toxins.  So here I was, I had created a company that sends these internal refrigerator filters to your home at set intervals and they don’t actually solve the very serious water crisis that is looming over the US.  They make the water taste good, remove some stuff, but leave behind, arguably, the most dangerous.  I made the decision right then to liquidate these filters as they were not the solution.  I linked up with a company that is completely and totally dedicated to making drinking water safe across the US and in some of the worse case scenarios, like Flynt, Michigan. 

So before my business really gains any steam, I am making serious shifts to my model.  If I thought I cared about clean water before, now, with these new discoveries, I have made it part of my mission to bring it out into the public’s eye, find an immediate solution and deliver it to you every 6 months.  If your community knows there is PFAS in its drinking water, lets talk.  If your community comes in just under the ‘legal’ allowances, lets talk.  If your community isn’t testing, lets talk.  If you don’t have PFAS, awesome, but lets look at the summation of other chemicals (another blog post) and talk.  Unless you know your drinking water is absolutely clean and pure, lets talk.  Even ‘treated’ drinking water concerns me (another blog post), how many good chemicals are we going to add to combat the bad chemicals to make the drinking water safe?  Should we really be adding chemicals or should we be taking them out, ie, filter them out, not treat them out? 

In closing, know what you’re drinking.  This is a serious concern.  This is not just about the discovery of PFAS, but the toxicity and how widespread it really is.  Hydroviv water filters, provided by Ion are the immediate, affordable solution that gives you control on what your family ingests.