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Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors


Most likely, you have a smoke detector on every floor and in every bedroom. Do they detect both smoke and carbon monoxide? Ours do.

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Many states now require all homes to be equipped with smoke and CO detectors that will alert you to the presence of smoke, fire or deadly gases. But when was the last time you checked that your detectors were up-to-date? Or changed the batteries?
Our combination smoke and CO alarm offers protection from two deadly threats in one easy to install detector.  Using a breakthrough technology, the alarm offers a fast response to smoke and fires as well as protects you from the dangers of carbon monoxide.  The two-in-one detector not only saves space, but also limits the amount of devices you have to change and test batteries for.

Bonus, ours come with a 10 year battery. You’re welcome.

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 2 in

Hardwired Smoke with Battery #21006371, 10 Year Battery Smoke Detector #21010164, Carbon Monoxide Alarm # 9KN-COB-LP2, Plug In Multi Gas #00-0113-02, Hardwire & Battery Combo (CO & Smoke) # 21007624, Plug In CO # 21025759 (KN-COB-DP2), Hardwired Smoke with Battery Backup – # 21006378, Hardwired & 10 Year Battery Smoke # 21010407-a, Hardwired & Battery Smoke #21006931