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Discovering that refrigerator water filters kind of stink –

Clean water has been a passion of mine for years…especially since I came up with the first iteration of Ion Home Wellness back in 2013, which I called ‘Trusted Home Maintenance.’  Internal refrigerator water filters were a staple of the concept I was creating. 

I love getting my drinking water out of my fridge, I enjoy cold water with ice.  Aside from coffee, water is my go to drink, and I like the convenience of having it come directly out of the refrigerator.  Also, for context and a humorous backstory… when I was a kid growing up in the 80’s, the pinnacle of success and status, to me, was water and ice that came from your refrigerator door.  I am completely aware of how ridiculous that is, however, in my 8 year old head, that is what I believed.  Any friend of mine who had this absolute luxury in life, was, to me, living the good life.  So, when I bought my first house in 2006, a refrigerator with water and an ice machine that dispensed directly from the door’s front was all I needed to know that I made it in the world.  Not the house, not my job, not my marriage, the water that came out of my refrigerator door (I am joking).  I think you get the point. 

So, for a long time I believed the filters within the refrigerator were essential as they cleaned the water and made it taste better.  However, I was only partially correct.  The water does taste a little better because of those filters, but that does not mean it is safe.  What I learned next, started to concern me, and then the more I learned, my concerns grew exponentially.  Internal refrigerator filters only filtered out some elements.  Most typically, they filter out organic compounds and bad tasting elements like chlorine, benzene and copper but not the heavy hitters such as PFAS, PFOS, Arsenic, chromium 6, Flouride, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and many volatile organic compounds (VOCs) most of which are known carcinogens in our drinking water across the USA.  Why?  Because they are carbon filters and carbon filters alone have serious limitations.  Carbon filters as one of the elements of filtration is great, but on their own, they are just not enough.  These limitations make them a cover for a real solution and not the real solution. 

And then I discovered a little secret about refrigerators and refrigerator water filters.  Profits on refrigerators for manufacturers come in the form of replacement water filters, not the refrigerator itself.  Profits on the refrigerator are mostly absorbed by the retailer selling the refrigerator.  The manufacturer makes its profit every 6 months when they deliver to you the replacement filter.  I always wondered how these little filters were so expensive, as it turns out, they aren’t.  The carbon filter inside the actual filter housing is cheap and easy to make.  The manufacturer spends a lot of money on making the filter to refrigerator connection as unique as possible.  That is what actually drives the cost, not the filter.  Imagine that.  This is why there are so many different filters for so many different refrigerators.  It is mostly proprietary to the manufacturer, so any aftermarket filters, that are reduced in price often won’t work.  They won’t work as the computer within the refrigerator reads the connection as incorrect and will disallow the refrigerator from dispensing water.  If the computer allowed the connection, the filter would actually work fine, less actually filtering out the worst elements (PFAS, Chromium 6, Lead, Arsenic, pesticides and pharmaceuticals).  I learned quickly there is so much more to this after market world of refrigerator filters, that actually do not solve the problem. 

So, that is why I have teamed up with Hydroviv.  Hydroviv uses carbon as a part of the filter, ion exchange media and a variety of specialized ceramics in the perfect ratios to filter out the dangerous toxins. These filters actually provide the solution and work to clean our drinking water to keep us healthy, not just taste good.