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Do you need a whole home water filter?  A small water filter?  Or a nothing at all?

These are great questions that are asked very often.  We receive emails, comments and messages asking all of these questions.  Some people are set on getting a whole home water filter, or at least set on talking about how they will be getting a whole home water filter without actually every getting it.  Other people just want to focus on the water they are ingesting and go straight for the filters that clean the water they and their family are drinking, and then other folks simply choose to not do anything.  Which one are you?

Let’s talk about whole home filters first.  Most experts will tell you there is absolutely no need for a whole home water filter.  Why?  Think about it for a minute, the majority of your water is flushed down the toilet, goes down the tub drain or is used to water your lawn/wash your car.  In fact, 90% of the water coming into your home is used for these purposes.  The other 10% is drinking water and water used to wash dishes.  The question we ask people, is why do you need to filter the water that you flush or put out in your lawn?  You simply do not.  It is an extreme cost to flush down the toilet… literally.  The cost for a whole home water filter is between $3k and $5k, plus install, plus costly filters that need changing every 6 months… at least!  So here we have a system that will cost thousands to purchase, install and maintain and the benefits are literally flushed down the toilet.  It is our very strong opinion that whole home water filters are not necessary, at all.  Even if you have the financial means for this, we still do not recommend it for the majority of US homes.  Beyond the extreme cost, to our knowledge, not one of them filters out PFAS, the toxic forever chemical now being found everywhere across the US.

Now, let’s talk about a small water filter at the point of consumption.  Small water filters (NOT internal fridge filters) are cost efficient, filter more than whole home or internal fridge filters, and easy to install.  Years ago we were introduced to Brita water filters.  So many people had them.  You would fill the pitcher from your tap, put it in the fridge and you would have delicious ice cold water.  Since then we have made a lot more discoveries of exactly what is in our water and really evolved on home filtering.  Brita, Pur and internal fridge filters all basically act the same.  They take out some contaminants and make the water taste pretty good.  However, they leave behind some of the most serious and dangerous contaminants.  So what are we to do without breaking the bank?  Simply put, we need to step up our filtering for the water we ingest.  A whole home filter can’t perform anywhere near an under counter filter or in line fridge filter and Brita or Pur aren’t removing all the serious chemicals.  A small, fraction of a fraction the cost of a whole home filter that can be installed in about 15 minutes is the very obvious solution.  They are affordable, they do the job, they are easy and fast to install.  You will have the health safety and convenience of clean purified water coming directly out of your faucet or out of your refrigerator (ice cubes too).  The water you ingest will be safe. 

What about people who want nothing at all?  We have come across a number of individuals who say the water tastes ok, they feel ok, so they aren’t changing anything.  Fair enough.  If you are that person and you are very set in your ways, we understand.  We don’t recommend, but we understand.  We will say, if you have children drinking the water, please reconsider that belief.  Here is why, if you are 50 to 70 or so years old and have been drinking the water from your tap your whole life, then we are not at all surprised that you are fine.  For the first 30, 40 or maybe even 50 years of your life you were drinking water that was actually clean and safe.  Have you every heard people say how much better the water was way back when?  They are actually correct.  It was.  It tasted better and was cleaner.  The reason for this, is contamination, it takes a long time for many chemicals to reach drinking water supplies.  It often takes decades.  We all know that one person who dumped car oil in their backyard at some point, often times a lot of oil.  It won’t do much damage the day it is dumped, the next day, next week or even a year.  Now think of this on a large scale, rather than it being a person dumping car oil, it is a company dumping mass volumes of chemicals over years.  That chemical properties of that oil will take decades to reach the depths of aquifers.  So while they, like many companies are dumping contaminants into the ground and our waterways, it is taking decades to really make a negative impact.  While this time is passing the water is relatively safe, until it finally reaches the water aquifer.  This is where we are at, it has reached the aquifer.  Water in many communities is not safe anymore.  Recent testing has proved that.   If you grew up and for the first 30,40 or 50 years of your life you were fine drinking the water, again, I am not surprised.  If you are younger, have children, they will not have the luxury of 30, 40 or 50 years of clean drinking water.  It needs to be cleaned for them.  Just because water is deemed legal absolutely does not make safe.  What it usually means is there has been no lawsuit against that has forced the powers that be to make change.  Also, we have found no study that focuses on the summation of all chemicals found in the water, only individual chemicals as if they were the lone chemical in the water, when in fact there are dozens and dozens.

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