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Every 3 months. Yes.

Honestly, yes.  Very loudly and positively, yes.  Even if you do not buy them from Ion Home Wellness, you really do need to change them every 3 months, not 4 months, not six months and absolutely not once a year. 

Here’s the deal; The air inside your home is 2-5 times more polluted than the air outside.  How is this possible you may be asking?  How, during the height of allergy season, is that air cleaner than the air inside my home?  It may be a bit worse outside for those two weeks during the height of allergy season.  However, over the course of 12 months, think of the late fall, winter and early spring months, having your windows closed and no fresh air coming in.  This is a major factor in polluted air within your home.  The air that exist in your home is literally the same air, day and night, night and day.  The air keeps getting recycled, heated or cooled, filtered and sent back into your home.  The air is not brought in from the outside, it doesn’t turn over.

There is one mechanism built into your home, into your HVAC system that aids in cleaning the air for you and your family to breathe.  Yup, that annoying air filter we are always forgetting to change.  That annoying air filter is so important that it determines the quality of air for your entire family.  It cost between $15 and $20 mostly, the average cost of a pizza, for clean air pumping through your home or apartment and into your lungs. 

How it works is, the air vents that blow the warm air into your home or cold air into your home in the summer months, those vents are called supply vents.  Have you ever wondered how exactly that air gets heated or cooled… the actual process?  It is pretty interesting.  Before the cold air or warm air is blown into your home it is actually pulled out of your home.  You have vents in your home that are called return vents, these vents pull the air into the HVAC system.  As the HVAC system pulls the air in, it pulls it through an air filter.  The all important air filter captures all of the dust, pollen, dander, bacteria, smoke (even candle smoke and cooking smoke), and other air pollutants as the air passes through it.  Then the air passes over either warm heating elements, hot water pipes (for heat) or cold water pipes (air conditioning) and is sent back into your home through supply vents.  Every time you hear the heat or AC turn on, this is the exact process that is occurring. 

Over time, typically 3 months time, all of the pollutants from your home build up on your air filter. This restricts the air coming into the return vent and into your HVAC system. The HVAC system needs to work harder to pull the air through the blocked return vent to heat the air or cool the air and send it back into the home. The HVAC system will work longer and harder to get the home or keep the home at the desired temperature. Because the system is working longer it is burning more fuel (oil or gas) and incurring more wear and tear. Your fuel costs go up, your HVAC system is likely to break down more (repair costs), and require replacement sooner (replacement costs), oh and your air quality drops.

It is a no brainer, change the filters every 3 months, quality air, lower fuel costs, fewer breakdowns, longer life of heating system equals money saved.

And because we all forget this basic task, let Ion Home Wellness deliver this to you, automatically, every 3 months so you don’t have to remember.