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Air Filters Save Money & Provide Clean Air

Air Filters Save Money & Provide Clean Air

Not changing your air filter every 3 months will cost you money and the air in your home will be substandard.  If you do not change your air filter when you are supposed to, which is every 3 months, the consequences are poor indoor air quality, increased demand...

Is Your Home Really Your Sanctuary?

Is Your Home Really Your Sanctuary?

How Safe Is Your Home? I have heard more times than I can count how people’s homes are their sanctuary.  I used to think this as well.  Turns out, it’s not.  At least not in reality.   Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but far too many homes simply aren’t safe...

Clean Air Delivered To You

Clean Air Delivered To You

https://youtu.be/QG4pOOcROV4 Inside air is 2-5 times dirtier than outside air! Is the air you're breathing clean? We spend a lot of time at home, even more so these days. It is important that the air we are breathing is clean. Do you know how often air filters need to...

Do you really need a whole home water filter?  If I’ve been drinking the water for the last 40 years, why should I stop now?

The discovery of PFAS in our drinking water.

PFAS is in our water In my quest to provide means to safe drinking water to many individuals I have immersed myself in a world that, just one year ago, I had no idea how complicated, dynamic and ever changing it would be.  PFAS was not even on my radar one year ago. ...

What is Home Wellness?

Home Wellness is taking action to ensure your home operates, functions and provides you and your family the highest quality of the most essential of life's neccessities, air, water and safety. Our passion is providing the means to clean drinking water, clean air to...

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