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Not changing your air filter every 3 months will cost you money and the air in your home will be substandard. 

If you do not change your air filter when you are supposed to, which is every 3 months, the consequences are poor indoor air quality, increased demand on your HVAC system and an increase in your electricity or fuel bill.

Air Quality

The quality of the air inside your home is already 2-5x more polluted than the outside air.  In your home, the air does not turn over as much as you think.  The only new or fresh air brought into the home is from open windows.  Your HVAC system does not bring in outside air, it reuses the indoor air.  The HVAC system pulls the air in through return vents, heats or cools the air, FILTERS the air and then sends it back to your rooms through supply vents.  This air filter in this process is the only opportunity for your air to be cleaned as it is sent back into your home.  Changing them every 3 months, or better yet, having a plan that sends you these simple air filters every 3 months so you don’t forget, is a great idea.

HVAC System Strain

If you air filter has not been changed in over 3 months, it is very likely that it is very clogged and disallowing air to pass through with ease.  As the filter gets older, dust, pollen, dander, bacteria and all sorts of air pollution are captured on that air filter.  In order to heat the room or cool the room, your HVAC system will have to be on for a longer period of time and under strain because of that dirty air filter.  Think of it like going for a two mile jog and only being able to breathe out of one nostril for the whole run.  If you were able to breathe out of both nostrils and your mouth you would be able to complete the run faster and with more ease.  Restricting air flow to your lungs will make it a lot harder and take longer to complete the run.

Additional Fuel Cost

If your system is having to operate for a longer period of time to either heat or cool your home, it is burning more electricity and fuel (oil & gas).  You will spend more money month to month to have the desired temperature in your home, despite the air not actually being very clean. 

Believe it or not, this all adds up. If you or anyone in your family has allergies or respiratory issues, they will feel the difference of an air filter changed every 3 months.  The added demand on your HVAC system will cause breakdowns and a shorter lifespan of your equipment.  Every month you will pay more in your electricity and fuel bills.  Month to month you may not care much, but at the end of the year and all the months of unnecessary additional expenditures, may cause you to think…a $20 air filter delivered to your home every 3 months will save money and deliver clean air.  It’s a no brainer. 

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